Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gord the Hamster WIP

I'm still here! LOL  The second hand is in the process of getting blended.  It probably will require a few more hours, but I felt the need to throw it up for show... and to let you all know that I haven't went AWOL again! ;)   

This poor drawing keeps getting turned back and forth on the board .  It is just too inconvenient to blend with the way you are seeing it now.  The shadows naturally curve around the finger, and I find it awkward to move the blending stump back and forth.  It is so much easier to just turn the drawing.  The middle finger and thumb need a few more blending, highlighting, and darkening sessions, but they are slowly getting there. ;)  

The knuckles are time consuming.  I find myself having to make a choice on how much detail to show.  It can get obsessive at times.  Unfortunately, too much detail in a drawing can distract the viewer and actually make the transitions in skin tone look unnatural and give the hands a much older appearance (trust me on the age part!).  Lighting in the photo can play a strong roll in this also.  My preference is for a harsh straight on light. :)   I guess that is where the artist must correct the tricks that the camera can play.  This is compounded by the fact of my natural tendency to draw everything that I see in focus... Ugh!!    But,  I am having fun with this drawing.  I love working on human hands and would like to take on a human portrait again... First things first though... back to the drawing board! ;)


Teresa Mallen said...

Beautiful work Brenda! Well I vote for lots of detail...I know the experts say that we are supposed to leave areas for the viewer to fill in but I am not buying it. Detail, how could one have too much? LOL

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa! :)