Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gord the Hamster Cont.

Moving on to the other hand tonight!  The drawing support has now been turned to the correct position.   The mapping process has come to a halt, and I will start blending the fingers of the left hand.  My drawing hand will be resting in the blank area to the lower right, and I cannot justify  mapping the entire hand only to have the details smeared.  I've convinced myself to finish where I am at first.  

Can you believe that I am looking forward to the background?  There are some cast shadows that will set the tone for both hands.  Yes, you have heard it here before, but cast shadows are the best!  They are the biggest bang for your buck in a drawing and can bring an otherwise flat composition to life.  I'm not sure if the writing on the shirt will remain in the final work (which is why it was left out of the line drawing).  Time will tell! ;)   

Oh... and before I forget.  That new Sanford mechanical pencil is now my best friend.  The funniest part is that I LOVE the weight of it.  Before using it, my thoughts leaned toward the weight being a negative attribute.  But after using it, I find that my hand has less fatigue.  The weight works in my favor.  Less pressure needs to be brought down on the pencil to get the depth of graphite required.  Less stress on my hand... Huge improvement! :)

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