Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double Yorkie Portrait 3

Back from vacation and ready to work.  As some of my followers know, I take vacation and attend the hunt on the 127 Corridor Yard Sale.  It is 654 miles of flea markets and yard sales from the bottom of Michigan to the top of Alabama.  It has been a very hot and fun vacation.  Probably the hottest one that we have attended in a long time.  We decided to start this year in Ohio and cut through Chicago on our way there.  My son has not been to the windy city, so it was fun to share that moment with him.  I will never tire of the hazy first glimpses of the Chicago skyline.  *sigh*  

I put in some time this morning on the portrait of the Yorkies (between unloading the vehicle and switching laundry ;) ) and am getting ready to create the second eye.  Yes, this is not a huge update, but I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive here! ;)  This vacation stuff does demand a lot of time from me, but now it is back to creating... :)


Dawn said...

Love Chi - lived in surrounding burb for 10 years. What a fun vacation idea.
Your drawing is coming along nicely.

Brenda said...

Hi Dawn... Closest that I lived to Chicago was Rockford. It was nice to see the city again. It has been a long time. The 127 Sale makes for a fun vacation with the extra work out of walking from sun up to sun down. ;) I get the chance to see some hard to find antiques and purchase a few treasures. Nothing like your acorns though. They are really cool!

Teresa Mallen said...

Purchased a few treasures? Wondered, your post didn't mention any loot. :-) Surely one couldn't attend such a 'hunt' only to come up empty. I flew into Chicago airport last summer and it was a thrill to see the famous city skyline, not to mention the shoreline too. Lovely picture. Take your time recovering from vacation.

Brenda said...

Hi Teresa... I NEVER come home empty handed! ;) I picked up some wonderful vintage fabrics, and an industrial light for my drafting table. It was a wonderful time!