Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Turtle Finished

Here he is finished!  You all know the drill.  I will leave him up for a few days and do a little touching up and smoothing before it is put away.  But, he is definitely finished enough to post. :)   I didn't add that much sand (which is very hard to see in the photo), because it would be to distracting.  It was definitely something new to work on a reference in a macro setting.  It was a touch more difficult  to get the details in such a small size work, so a little artistic license came into play on some of the details.  It is also interesting to note how the shadows that surround the focal point become so blotchy looking.  When looking at a photo, your eyes correct to see it more smooth.  This could also be contributed to the dark skin tones of the hand.  At any rate, it meant a lot of going back and darkening / smoothing of tones. 

What's next?  I have a commission that I need to get going on of two Yorkies.   There will not be a background with these two.  Haven't completely hashed out the composition yet, but the initial sketches will make that pull together.   One of my son's hamsters, Gordy (I haven't drawn this one yet), has passed away.  Thankfully, we have some photos of him being held.  So, a special request has been made of me to immortalize this little guy in graphite.   So it looks like there will be a lot of fur in my near future!  :)


Teresa Mallen said...

Sorry about the test comment Brenda, but gosh I have been having a dickens of a time with blogger today...it has been refusing to recognize my existance and my last three post comments have not gone through. Looks like things are working now, so...

About the wee turtle, WOW, simply WOW! :-) I have been away from the blogging world for a long time and I am going to have to sift back through your old posts to see what I have missed. Anyway, this piece is truly wonderful and I look forward to seeing the fur in your future!

Brenda said...

Hello Teresa!! I have missed reading your blog and am so happy to see you back in blogland. Look forward to visiting with you! :)