Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Turtle 5

What was that ill fated prediction?  "Finish this one over the long weekend."  Yeah... I don't think so. LOL  I can say this honestly and emphatically, "I have NEVER had my back locked up like it was the day after the last post of this turtle."  I avoided the drawing table until three days ago.  The scary thing is that I do not know what I even did to strain it.  One good thing about it?  It makes me appreciate the mobility that I am getting back so much more!   It is great to be back at the board.  *sigh*

I have spent the last few days mapping in this little guy.  Doesn't look like much does it? ;)  I know, I know.  It takes a long time to do.  He is so small, and there has been a lot of erasing.     He is in his "ugly" stage but is ready to be blended.  No predictions this time... I have some lawn mowing,  town garage sales to attend, and a wedding to go to this weekend.   My favorite time to draw is later into the night, so I will try to squeeze in a few hours here and there. ;) 


Dawn said...

You are amazing!

Brenda said...

Thanks so much Dawn... I will be a whole lot happier about this drawing, when this little guy is finished! ;)

Flora said...

Brenda ,My most favorite time to draw is the same as yours!!!Sometimes they come fast and furious,I'm at my most prolific with doodling,with new ideas that sadly never come to fruition, maybe one day? Thank you so much for the visit and lovely comment!!!

Brenda said...

Thank you Flora for visiting my blog... I really enjoy following yours!

Brenda :)