Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Turtle 6

This little guy is a pain to get a good picture of, so I zoomed in for a close up shot this time.  The bottom half of his body is blurred, and the thumb's placement is between the focused  and "out of focus" areas.  So, the bottom of the turtle will make more sense when the picture is in its entirety.  The sand on his body still has to be dealt with.  I am going to have the background finished before going back to the sand.   The next post will see this drawing finished!  :)    


Laure Ferlita said...

So very interesting to see these works come to life and to watch this emerge from the paper (rather than from the pencil)!

Brenda said...

Thanks Laure... I always feel like I am building a subject with graphite during the layering process. It is a strange feeling to convey in writing. But once the subject starts to come off the page, I can breathe again. Thanks for following along. I have been running terribly slow this year and need to pick up the pace! :)