Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Turtle 2

Does it look like I am gaining ground yet? ;)  I have been working for a few hours here and there over the last three days.  I started very lightly, which always happens at the beginning of a drawing.  With this being the background, my layers were not as aggressive as they would be if the central focus was drawn in already.  So I find myself searching for the degrees of depth in my shadows.  If it looks a little choppy, it is because I am adding another layer of shadows.  They will have to be blended in the next step.  I think this will be dark enough to move on to another area.  This last layer of mapping makes the fingers look more sharper in detail.   When I blend, they will look more out of focus and will recede into the background and allow the turtle to pop forward.   Well... got to head back to the drawing board while there is still a few hours left to work.  :)


Andrew said...

wow those hands are huge, its looking very detailed. you mentioned to me earlier sbout a free photo website, it sounds rather tempting, do you still know what it was?

Brenda said...

Hello Andrew... You can check out morguefile.com. They have some nice animal photos to practice from. Some of the photographers ask you to acknowledge them. Just check the info at the bottom of the pic. Flickr.com also has a Creative Commons that has an area that does not have copyrights, and other areas that have limited copyrights. Sorry for taking so long to answer your question. Take a look at those sites. It at least helps for those animals that we do not normally see. :)