Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Turtle 3

As the fourth finger enters the drawing, the viewer can begin to see how small this little turtle really is.  This drawing shows my love of photography when using the macro setting.  By using this setting, the photographer captured the true scale of this baby turtle and conveyed it in a masterful way. 

I am still working on the area above the turtle and will have to do some pushing of the darks.  My method is to build value and blend... take away value... build value and blend... take away value... repeat as many times as necessary. ;)  There is sand on one finger, the thumb, and the turtle.  It will be a challenge on how to convey the grains without being to blotchy.  The grains show up well enough on the photo but hard to render due to the minute size.  I can tell you this... I am getting tired of working on areas that are out-of-focus!  

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