Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drawing of a Yorkie 5

 Here is a quick update.  I have blended out the hair and eye and have pulled some highlights.  The leg to the right will get some darkening, but I want to see the background around it first.  The fur on that leg is considerably lighter than the one to the left.  There are a lot of stray hairs to be put in, but they will not all make it into the drawing.  I think it would look very "fly away" .  The dark background has been started Ugh! and will need to be gone over several times.  Below the paws there will be some nice reflections from the lighting to break up the monotony of the black.  I would love to see this one finished by the end of the month.   I promised myself the next subject will not require any fur!  ;)


Andrew said...

this is a very nice pose, do you do alot of blending?

Brenda said...

Hello Andrew... I love the pose and was lucky to find it on a free photo site. I do a lot of blending. There are only a few areas (mainly the darkest) that do not get blended in the end. I work in layers blending after each and pulling highlights with an eraser. This technique works well on smooth Bristol. :)

Andrew said...

I do not blend at all I build my layers in my shading and my favorite paper is bristol board. yes that was a run on sentence:)

Brenda said...

I don't mind run ons they all read the same! ;)

You do a great job at using the various pencils to create your values. A blogging friend of mine is very good at it too. He uses Mellotex to draw on. His blog is

I hadn't used Bristol much before starting this blog, but it is my favorite paper now too.