Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drawing of a Yorkie 2

This little guy is extremely difficult to photograph.  Aaaargh!   I finally just decided to not try and get a close up.  As you can see, I did not put in the background yet and am going to try and push through the majority of the dog first.  The hair from the earlier post is all complete, and the face is now starting to be mapped in.  The light source hits her forehead and  the unfinished side of the face and will make for some nice highlights.  I love doing highlights and am glad that most of the dark areas are finished.  The bottom hair of the muzzle looks a little scary right now, but in the finished work, they will be barely noticeable in the dark shadows.

The background will be what pulls this piece together in the end.  There are quite a few areas of hair on the outskirts of the coat that will be like the muzzle and be very slight in appearance.  I am worried that the 9b Prismacolor graphite will not achieve a smooth flat dark background  in such a large area.  So, I did order some Derwent Onyx Dark pencils from Dick Blick that I might try out on this piece, if I feel the 9b falls short.  * Rant Alert! :) *  Well... actually, Blick had to special order them, since they do not carry them, and I cannot find a dealer around here in the U.S..  They are one company that I cannot say enough good things about.   If you've never been to their site, I highly recommend you check them out at .  It doesn't happen often, but if they do not have an item that you want in their catalog, they will do their best to try and locate it for you.  They are just outstanding from the initial order all the way through to delivery, and the best at answering annoying questions from confused artists! ;)

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