Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drawing of a Yorkie 4

What a week!  I started back to one of my part time jobs after a winter hiatus and am trying to get use to a packed schedule.  The first week is always the toughest.  I am looking forward to settling into a more calmer second week and getting a more set schedule for all my artwork. ;) 

As you can see, the rest of this little dog is mapped in.  My main problem with this drawing is seeing my photo reference through my Mylar cover.  This image is so dark that working under my lamp at night (which is my favorite time to draw) is almost unbearable to my eyes.  Since she is all mapped in, with the exception of the reflections and slight hints of fur in the background, I will pull the Mylar and work straight from the image.  Yay! :)   

This is a little off the subject of dogs, but...  I have made reference on my other blog about the wonders of YouTube.  As my younger sister can attest to, I was not interested in that site in the least for years.  I thought it was simply a site mainly attributed to music.  Although I have found back some cool old music videos from the past! ;)   But it is also a wealth of informative videos that some wonderfully talented people share with the world.  I cannot remember what I was searching for, but I stumbled across a brilliant Russian artist by the name of Igor Kazarin.  He works with oil paint in the dry brush technique.  This interested me, since I love to create my acrylic work with a dry brush.  This gentleman is so extremely talented. Lucky for him that I cannot hop into my car and spend my weekends looking over his shoulder!  He has many spectacular works, but please click on the link here and check out his amazing painting of Johnny Depp.  The music is awesome, the time lapse video rocks, and the talent keeps me awe struck every time I watch it.  It also lists his other equally outstanding works which are in black and white and color.  Just click on them and sit back to enjoy the show.  He also has a website that you can visit here .  If I need inspiration or am not sure if I want to put some time in on my own work, I take the 5 minutes to watch one of his videos and my world is full of the desire to perfect my own skills.  I cannot say enough how grateful that I am for him sharing of his talents.   If any of my followers have a favorite artist on YouTube, let me know.  I would love to find more talented artists to view.  My search on YouTube has only just begun! :)


Andrew said...

great fur

Brenda said...

Thanks Andrew... and thank you for stopping by. :)