Friday, March 1, 2013

Decisions... Decisions

Most of the month of February was spent playing with my colored pencils. (I will post some pics later. :) )  But as the middle of the month approached, I decided to get down to business and sort amongst my photos for my next graphite subject.  Some of the subjects where chosen from the Internet, and some of the compositions came from my own photography.  Last week, the choice had been made... well kind of.  ;)  Then,  I got looking through some old  archives of mine, and the hunt continued on-- each photo taking me down memory lane once more... This cost me days on end!! 

So this morning, I put an end to the insanity and threw a few faves onto the drafting table for a final decision...

**Note**  As I sat down to type this post, the memory stick for my camera had been left on the desk top and popped a reminder up on the screen... that was an hour and a half ago.  Bet you can guess what the time was spent doing... Aaaargh! 

Oh... and while I am thinking about it, my mind kicked in the fact that there was never a New Year's goal posted this year.  Well, I am fine with no definitive goals this year.  It was a topsy turvey end to last year and a crazy beginning to this one to say the least.  So, my outlook on 2013, and maybe for the next few years, is to keep an open mind and work schedule.  My word of the year is "Evolve".  I absolutely love it and think it fits me perfectly in every facet of my life right now-- where change is absolutely everywhere and  that is not always a bad thing!  ;)   I've got some new and old interests making their way back into my life again... It will be a little surprising to some, and they will unfold here in their own time. ;)

But for now, I am heading to my studio to make the final cut and get my new project underway.  At this moment...  Even I do not know what it is going to be! LOL

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