Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Field Mouse in Graphite

A baby field mouse is the subject of my next composition, and the drawing will be 8 x 6 inches when completed.   The photo was taken out of one of my own from last year.  I really like the positioning of the hand and the little mouse perched on it.  I will take this initial drawing and transfer it to Bristol Board.  All of my initial work will be based in 2b lead with a mechanical pencil.  By the looks of the background, the 6b wood cased pencil will definitely be put to use, too!  ;) 

I have been getting handy with the jigsaw as of late.  This drawing is mounted on my newly resized drawing table.  The lift to this drawing table was heavenly, but the width was a devil to maneuver and very heavy to tote.  So... I searched through my son's tools and found the correct ones for taking the hardware off the back.  The drafting bar on the front had to go, since it had only been used for resting pencils on.  Then after a little measuring, I cut a fairly large portion of the board off.  As you can see to the left, I sealed it with black paint and made a black line down the side to make it appear nice and straight.  The jigsaw and I took a few wrong turns! :(  Now the paint is dried, the hardware is reattached to the back, and viola my new and improved drafting board.  :)

Did I ever tell you the story behind this drafting table?  I bought a few of these in various large sizes off of EBay for pennies on the dollar, after I put my large drafting table into storage (hopefully to reappear once my new studio is constructed. :) ).  The tables were listed as scratch and dent returns.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are.  The surfaces on mine were all ready to draw on.  There was only one that had a tiny dent in a corner that my hubby repaired with filler.  The best part of the purchase was that I didn't sink a lot of money into them, so it makes them perfect to modify to my own specs. :)   I love shopping EBay!

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