Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gord the Hamster WIP 3

This has been such a busy week with filing our taxes, Valentine's Day, and hubby and my anniversary... All on different days!  We have been blessed with some beautiful sunshine, so I am not complaining. :)  I hoped to have a nice slow weekend, but hubby and I ended up doing some running for parts for our tree business today.  Tonight though, my schedule is back on track, and my drawing of Gord got some much needed attention.  As you can see, the little guy is now mapped into the drawing. :)

I am very happy with him after viewing the composition from a distance.  His little features are where they should be.  When I look at this drawing, it feels like he is in my life again.  Definitely a good sign on the "likeness" meter! ;)  


Teresa Mallen said...

Ahhhh...the little guy is not only mapped in but also adorable!

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa! :)