Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chihuahua Work in Progress

This puppies photograph almost has a celestial feel to it.  The composition is a tiny Chihuahua puppy held up in front of flowering plants.  Its little body is curled up as it sleeps on the palm of a hand.  As you can see by the sketch, not much of the human hand will be seen by the viewer.  But I feel, the hand has enough showing to represent itself in the composition and give a sense of scale to the size of the puppy.  I had two different pics from this photo shoot, and it was difficult deciding which to draw first.   I cropped this one pretty tight and will see how it progresses in graphite. 

The finished size will be approximately 7 x 8 inches.  My support will  be Bristol board, and I will be using a 2b mechanical pencil, blending stumps, and various erasers.

 Ahhh... Nothing like the feeling of beginning a new piece of art! :)


Teresa Mallen said...

A tiny pup indeed! And yes, ahhh, that wonderful, fresh new work of art feeling...too bad we can't bottle and sell it! :-)

Brenda said...

Hi Teresa... We would make a fortune if we could!! ;)