Saturday, October 1, 2011

Business Cards ~ Goals of 2011

Remember way back in January when I was setting my years goals?  Seems like forever ago to me... *sigh*  Well, third on my list was to create and have printed my own personal business cards for my graphite art business.  I am so happy to say that I achieved that goal as of last Wednesday when this package arrived.

I had been searching for a site to create my own layout and business cards.  The girls over at the Blog Guide Book ran a promotion for .  Their endorsement was all that I needed. :)  I did a photo layout (with some free help from Picnik) of a few of my drawings and began to create my first business cards.  It was so easy and fun that I decided to do another set for my Pumpkin Hollow creations.  Since my cards arrival, my hubby wants me to design some for the tree business.  Did I ever tell you that my original reason for going to college was for graphic arts?  LOVE IT! ;)  

The clarity of my graphite drawings on such a small format is incredible... better than I could have imagined!  Originally, I thought that I would have to jump to a postcard size for such clear details, but this little card is absolutely perfect.  And lucky me, they were running 15% off of business cards!  Oh... and on the back there is my contact information - name/addy/phone/email/blog, a little bit about my art, and my self portrait.  It is amazing how much could fit and still be legible while staying within the cutting lines.

I am toying with the idea of creating some folding pamphlets to put into local businesses.  If it goes as smoothly and looks as cool as these cards, I will be one happy artist... Onward to the rest of my goals!! :)


Andrew said...

That is awesome.

Brenda said...

Thanks Andrew... It sure was an important accomplishment for me! :)