Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby in Graphite Finished

This little guy has been finished for awhile now.  I have been letting him sit until my eyes can take a renewed look at him.  The little nubby shirt that he has on was a little flat initially.  I went back in with the click eraser and rubbed in some details.  This subtle addition made me happy and did not give overwhelming clarity to an area that should be understated.  Over all, I am extremely happy with the finish. 
There were some challenges to this portrait.  To begin with, the initial photograph was done in a studio.  By the look of the eyes, I question that the trick of digitally enhancing the pupil and life spot was put into play.  Although this can come across as a sharper image in a photograph, it looks flat and lifeless when translated into a graphite drawing.  I took some artistic license and came up with matching reflections to help create a translucent covering to the iris and pupil.  Also, every part of this photograph appeared to be in focus for the most part... Great in a photograph-- distracting for a graphite portrait. So, I let his left arm become less defined as it projects toward the viewer.  It gives some depth to the composition and leads the eye to the main focus of the face.  My final challenge on this piece resides in the completion of it.  Just look at this little guy.  How do you get over the cuteness?  I mean really?  I feel like he is a part of my life now... Captured in a time capsule of my own creation.  Now, I prepare myself to sign my name and move on... With the completion of a piece, there is always the overwhelming sense of accomplishment mixed with a slight twist of emptiness...  *sigh*  This can only be lessened by starting a new adventure.  So, I will move on to a new beginning.  

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oh, I know that feeling so well... elation, satisfaction, doubt, regret... it's like raising a child and then sending them off into the world! Speaking of child... this portrait is wonderful! I enjoyed reading about your process, and I like where you said you were happy with this and that! That's what it's all about! :)