Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Graphite Drawing of Actress Anne Hathaway WIP Cont.

I am glad to be updating the blog.  Unfortunately, blogger still hasn't fixed the loading issues... But lucky for me, my son fell in love with a new phone to do his Internet on and his laptop hasn't had updates for months.  This laptop isn't completely happy with blogger, but it is at least letting me load some posts for the time being.
The pic below is a little hard to see, but it is the line drawing transferred to Bristol board.  If you look closely, the grid has only been reconstructed mainly over the facial features.  I am not planning a background to this composition and may let the hair fade off on the edges.
I began the drawing with the nose... probably not my smartest choice. :(  This is where the drawing almost ended up in the trash.  It looks really harsh as you can see.  To calm my frazzled nerves, I worked on my area of facial feature preference-- the eyes.  The eyes are the windows to the soul.  Funny that they can be created with very little shading, but when they decided to come together, it is an amazing feeling.  It ceases to be a piece of paper and the portrait begins to come to life...

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