Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Field Mouse in Hand Graphite Drawing WIP 8

The months have been flying by.  I went full time at work as of October 1st and have spent the last month training for a new task at my work place.  The past weeks have been a little crazy on my mind with  going back to learning a position from the ground up, but the trade off was a set daytime schedule.  It brings a sense of calmness to my life.  So presently, I am ready to throw myself into finishing this drawing and getting on to some ideas that I would like to try.
At this point, I can honestly say that I am tired of working on the dark background.   The layering required for a dark background tires my hand out.  Although, I did start using a Prismacolor Turquoise pencil about half way through and was amazed how easy the graphite adhered to the Bristol. It made me wish that I would have grabbed that pencil to begin with! ;)   The darkness of the background needs to be smoothed out, and there are still some lighter details that need to emerge with the help of a handy eraser, but there is no hurry.  I am going to start looking through some promising photographs and start laying out the next project.  A little overlapping of subjects will do me good. :)    

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