Friday, September 9, 2011

Double Yorkie Portrait 9

Ready for the background.  As you can see, Chester is a handsome little dude all blended and highlighted. :)  His dark eyes and muzzle stand out well next to Bella's long hair.  I hoped his strong features would be his strength in the drawing.   Both Yorkies complement each other well with their unique looks.  I love Chester's wide eyed look, and  Bella will get some more dimension to her once the background goes in and stray hairs are put in place. 

So much time gets spent looking at these little fur balls and studying their faces.  I really feel that I know them.  I am a firm believer that every animal is as unique as we are as humans, pertaining to looks as well as personalities.   It is fun to walk into the back door of my studio area and be greeted by these sweet faces.  I feel that I am lucky to get to work with so many different subjects and be able to live with their presence in my home if only for a while.  Makes me feel like I have more pets in my life.  I'm sure that my little black monster (aka Mew) likes it that way, since she doesn't have to share her kibble or comfy pillow with these "graphite" pets! ;)


Teresa Mallen said...

This looks wonderful! And yes, I am sure you do feel as if you know them, now that you have been staring at their faces in such detail for a good period of time. A graphite pet would definitely have some advantages! :-)

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa... I am writing this with my cat crowded onto my lap. Apparently, she is afraid that she will freeze in the 65 degree weather. Yes! Graphite pets do have their advantages. ;) LOL