Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drawing of a Boxer 6

Fifteen inches of snow later... and here is where I am at with my Boxer. (Not that I am implying that it takes a blizzard shutting down half of Illinois to make me work at my art.  But it does take away a lot of other options!)  The only area left on the dog is a smidge of his back and some light fur in front.  The background of the photo reference is very blurred and hazy, so it will not add much except a few faint references to shadows.  I am actually anxious to see how the 'lack' of background will affect this piece.  So many of my backgrounds are busy, and this will make for a nice change of pace.  I would like to see this one completed and a sketch in the works for the next drawing before the weekend is over, but it does no good to hurry a drawing.  The weather man is calling for sub zero wind chills here, so that will definitely limit any other activities.  (I avoid going out in the cold if at all possible!)  At any rate, the next post will be the completed work.  Yay! :)

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