Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drawing of a Boxer 4

Made a little progress this last week. His chin will get more defined when the light hairs are added. I shaded in the white of the muzzle. His forehead had very faint shadows. When I put in the black along the side of the face, the white area on the muzzle may get some darker shading. It is easier to gauge the depth of shadows in the lighter areas when I have a strong contrast present. Hopefully, I will be able to post some more progress in the next couple of days. I would like to finish this one up by the end of the month to keep on schedule... or at least be close! :)


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

How beautiful, I am loving the steps!
thanks so much for being one of my followers & for mentioning me on the giveaway!(becky @ crows nest!)
keep safe & warm!

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa... I am happy that you stopped by. It was my pleasure. I love visiting your blog! :)