Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Little Wonder 5

Here is a quick update. The watch band is completed, and the little chick is mapped in (except for his feet). That is the most graphite that will be added to him. He will get some blending and most of the defining details will be done with an eraser. The areas sketched in on him are his shadows, and the eraser will be used to draw in the actual fluffy down. I wanted to show the chick like this to illustrate that a little graphite goes a long way!

Look who came to dinner... This little guy showed up at my house in a cardboard box thanks to my darling son. You know him... the boy that was told no more pets. I was reminded that I only made reference to fish, chicks, dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, and hermit crabs. In my ranting could you believe I left out rabbit? Leave it to him to attempt to find a loophole. That reminds me, I better make a note to tell him NO SNAKES!!
P.S. The breed of rabbit is called a lion head and let me add this little guy can eat and drink like a lion, too!


Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Wow, Brenda, you have come a long way in the time I've known you! Your artistic ability has increased in volumes! Great job on the drawing thus far.

Love that little cutie bunny!!! He is absolutely adorable!!

Brenda said...

Thanks Nancy! That means a lot to me!! Every once in a while I look at the first posts to compare. I feel like I am finally picking up steam and getting my style back in the groove. Now all I need to do is find more time to draw, so I am not constantly trying to re-acquaint myself with the drawing process!

Brenda said...

And by the way Nancy (just between you and me)...the bunny is a little darling! He makes me laugh. He whips his little head to the side, every so often, to keep the hair out of his eyes. He is very small but runs like the wind, which is funny because he keeps his two back feet tight together when in a full sprint.