Friday, July 9, 2010

Chick Drawing 4

The little chick has finally emerged! I am not use to working with such light shadows. It took a good part of a day for him to make his entry onto paper. The shadows will still have to be refined, but I think there is enough of him here for you to see where I am headed. He will not get much darker, only in a couple of areas. The fluff on his body will be put in after the background is added. Ah yes the background... the reference pic shows a dark background with a lot of detail. I do not mind it being dark but do not care for all the details. So, I think there will be some artistic license taken, and the background will be simplified and muted. For some reason I am avoiding the sleeve. Between you and me, I would say it is the ribbing on the cuff that is the cause!!


Teresa Mallen said...

Ah but the ribbing on the cuff will add such interesting texture to the piece! :-) Well, you could use some artistic license here too...It will be interesting to see this piece with a dark backrground. The chick is a cutie!

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa!