Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scottish Highland Cattle ~ Work in Graphite

The humble beginnings to a neglected work of art...  Here is the start to the Highland cattle drawing.   For the beginning, the graph has been my life saver.  The cattle are just gorgeous with their disheveled rusty locks of hair.   But why do they have so much of it! LOL  So for beginning accuracy's sake, I decided to stick close to the squares.  After that, I am not immensely worried.  It is kind of one of those things that helps in the beginning, since... Once you start a little off, you are always off... and it will only get worse.  :(  
I have compared some of my drawings to working on a jigsaw puzzle.  This composition really brings that statement home.  The dreaded jigsaw puzzle that all of the pieces look the same! LOL 

Not sure why I got distracted from a start on this one.  It is never a good sign, when I look at a photo and can see in my mind the drawing finished.  This unfortunately was one of those photos.  At any rate,  I am anxious to see this one in its entirety. 

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